‘Days of BiH-USA Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS) in BiH’ in Mostar from 25 to 27 April

mostar-2013Fifth meeting called  ‘Days of BiH-USA Academy of Sciences and Arts (BHAAAS) in BiH’ will be held from 25 to 27 April in Mostar, and the organisers are BHAAAS, University Hospital, and RMC ‘Dr. Safet Mujić’ Mostar, reports Fena.

As a part of the meeting, a seminar of intensive care, orthopaedics , oncology, paediatrics, psychiatry and psychology, general medicine, neurosurgery and family medicine.

The aim of the meeting is to pass the knowledge of top experts of BiH origin, who work at prestigious universities in the USA, Canada and other developed countries to colleagues and students in BiH.

Representative of BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Ruzmira Tihić-Kadrić said that it is a very important event.

According to her BHAAAS is an organisation that gathers the academic and experts of BiH Diaspora and added that at the time of its foundation in 2007, it had 14 members, and today more than 200.

‘This organisation does a series of activities, above all it connects experts and scientists of BiH Diaspora with their colleagues from BiH and other countries. They pass the knowledge to BiH in all fields, and especially in different fields of medicine’, said Tihić-Kadrić.

According to her, the systematic support of the competent institutions is very important for any country that has such a numerous Diaspora, especially for one that BiH has – highly educated Diaspora, strongly connected with their home country and that wants to help the development of it.

President of BHAAAS Andi Arnautović said that one of the goals is to build connections with the homeland.

He added that all that contributes to fulfilling their aim and it is that the knowledge is a treasure that can and should be shared.

He said that at a meeting in Mostar participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, the USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Italy and Bulgaria will participate.

He emphasized two project that are being implemented by BHAAAS; the cooperation with Sarajevo Philharmonics and the competition for the best science and art work which is being held every year.

‘This year, these 4 young people from BiH are the winners of the award’, said Arnautović and gave them awards.

Vice-president of BHAAAS Gordan Srkalović talked about the cooperation of the Academy with institutions of higher education in BiH and said that some forms of cooperation have already been made and hopes that it will improve even further.

Vice-president of BHAAAS Esad Boškailo talked about the cooperation among universities of the USA and BiH and said that there were several successful projects and medical necessities were given to BiH, and several doctors from BiH went to the USA for further education, and added that that form of cooperation should be improved as well.

Representatives of Mostar Organisation Board Ivan Čavar and Muhamed Haznadar said that the symposium is indeed a large one and more than 300 people will participate.

Čavar said that it is the largest medical symposium ever to be  organised in Mostar and added that the symposium will enable the development of cooperation both on the individual level as well on the institutional one, because it’ll enable MDs and other health workers in Mostar to go to prestigious medical centres to study.

(photo: bhaaas)

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