Soup Kitchen for Babies opened in Bratunac

A soup kitchen for babies has been opened in Bratunac. It is a place where parents or guardians will be able to come for meals for toddlers, but also get children’s clothes and hygiene supplies for babies. The project was initiated by the NGO “Make Someone Happy” from Sarajevo. For years, within the project “Let’s visit babies“, they have been visiting parents in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) who need help.

The Ahmetovic family of four from Srebrenica knows how difficult it is to live on one salary. Waiting for the first day in the next month and covering all expenses is not easy.

“I have two girls aged four and three. I am unemployed, my husband works, but that is not enough for us to live a normal life. It will mean a lot to me that a baby soup kitchen has been opened in Bratunac, which will enable children to develop normally, ” told Merisa Ahmetovic.

The Ahmetovic family is not the only one who needs help.

I have three small children up to five years old. What I would like to provide them with is a healthy meal and this kitchen will mean a lot to us. As a mother, I feel that my children need something that other children have and they don’t, ” explained Mirnesa Alic.

We have a lot of needs. On the first day of work, six families picked up baby food. The parents of 30 children are on the list.

“This will be a great relief for them in the future. Nowadays,when everything is expensive, trust me, this comes as a big help. I would like to emphasize that this is not a soup kitchen only for the endangered and that it is not only for one group of members. This door is open for all parents from the municipalities of Bratunac and Srebrenica whose children are in need of a quality meal, ” said the employee of the soup kitchen, Nihada Ramic.

Project funding has been secured for the next four months. The Association “Make Someone Happy” hopes that by then they will be able to find new donors and continue the project in the municipalities of Bratunac and Srebrenica.


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