Days of Organic Production of Sarajevo Canton From 13-16 November

organskaThe Organic Alliance of FB&H is organizing days of organic production of Sarajevo Canton under the slogan “from our field to our buyers” from 13-16 November at Trg Djece in Sarajevo.

“42 exhibiters have been registered so far. They will offer organic products for winter food from fruit and vegetables, various kinds of herbs, jams, juices and other productions, said the President of the Organic Alliance of FB&H, Sejad Herceg, adding that cheese from Vlašić will be offered as well.

This is an opportunity, he added, for producers to present their products to the public, to promote organic production in FB&H and to share their experiences in cultivating organic products.

“Through this event, we want to show that organic products have great potential and can improve the situation in these areas through employment and self-employment. Also, we want organic production to be brought closer to the buyers and to show the importance of their consumption”, said Herceg.


He announced that during this event, a meeting of Managing Board of the Organic Alliance of FB&H will be held at the Center for Support to Producers of the Organic Production in Sarajevo.


(Source: Fena)

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