Deadline for Appeal in the Case of Mladic extended for three Months

The Hague Tribunal has extended the deadline for appeal on the first instance verdict, according to which Ratko Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment for genocide comitted in Srebrenica and war crimes against Muslims and Croats during the war in BiH, for three additional months.

The deadline, which lasted until yesterday since Mladic’s verdict was pronounced on November 22, was extended by the Court at the request of the defense and it was supported by the prosecutors as well.

The defence was asking for an extension of five months, but the Court accepted the argument of the prosecution, noting that 90 days is enough to announce the appeal.

According to the decision of the Court, Mladic’s defence, and maybe even the Hague Prosecution, will have to submit the announcement of the appeal by March 22, next year.

The extension of the deadline represents a consequence of the large scope and complexity of the verdict itself, which was emphasized by both the defense team and prosecutors.

Major Prosecutor Serge Brammertz left open the possibility that the Prosecution will appeal to the part of the verdict with which Mladic was acquitted of charges for genocide in six municipalities in BiH.

The Tribunal sentenced a former commander of the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment, and found him guilty for genocide in Srebrenica, persecution of Muslims and Croats all over BiH, terrorizing the citizens of Sarajevo through long shelling and sniping and taking UNPROFOR soldiers for hostages.

(Source: klix.ba)


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