Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H meets the Delegation of the Congress of USA

Meeting with Congress USA Delegation klix.baThe process of progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Euro-Atlantic integration was the main topic of the meeting of delegations of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PSBiH) and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress.

Chairman of the delegation of PSBiH in the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO Nikola Lovrinović and the member of the delegation Asim Sarajlić spoke yesterday in Sarajevo with the members of the Delegation of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress led by the delegate and president of the PA of NATO Mike Turner.

Lovrinović said that the visit by the delegation of the USA to B&H comes at the time when B&H symbolically marks the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement which, primarily, brought peace to B&H.

Furthermore, Lovrinović assessed that the role of the USA in establishment of peace in B&H, the process of reconstruction and reconciliation, and in establishment of institutions of authority in B&H is extremely significant, and reminded of the invaluable contribution of the USA in the process of reforming the field of defense and security, establishment of unified Armed Forces of B&H, as well as the police agencies and intelligence sector.

Lovrinović highlighted that through the implementation of the Partnership for Peace Program B&H has shown to be a credible partner and that the further activation of the Membership Action Plan of NATO for B&H would sent a strong message regarding our previous efforts made on this path.

President of the PA NATO Mike Turner expressed satisfaction with the fact that he comes from Dayton, the place where permanent peace in B&H was established 20 years ago.

Delegation of the US Congress expressed interest in solving perspective and non-perspective military assets, as well as in the progress of B&H the process of EU and NATO integration.
(Source: klix.ba)

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