There is no Basis for banning the Export of Milk to the EU Market!

Visit by Dublin Inspector klix.baIn order for B&H to export milk and dairy products on the EU market, all commitments from the Action Plan must be fulfilled. A lot of work is still to be done, primarily the adoption of the Veterinary Law.

Inspectors of the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Union (FVO) announced their arrival in B&H in early 2016 to check the implementation of agreed regulations from the Action Plan, which are necessary to be harmonized and implemented in order for the BH dairy farms to be able to export their products to the EU market.

One of the most important conditions that must be fulfilled is the adoption of the new Veterinary Law in B&H, in order to fulfill the main recommendation that requires strengthening of organization of official controls and powers they have for more efficient implementation of legal regulations, with the aim of coordinating requests with the European Union.

The quality of dairy products from B&H was never in question. However, in case the commitments are not fulfilled, politics will again be responsible for the ban of export of milk from B&H. One of the things that have to be regulated in this field is the command chain.

Director of the Veterinary Office of B&H Ljubomir Kalaba said that there is no reason to panic about the export of milk and that certain media information on alleged repeated ban of the export of milk is unfounded.

“We believe that tat his time there is no basis for ban of the export of milk, primarily because the Veterinary Office of B&H, together with the relevant entity bodies, intensively works on the implementation of all commitments from the Action Plan and we can highlight with certainty that he majority of commitments are already implemented. What is left to be done is to adopt the new Veterinary Law of B&H whose draft is already completed, thereby we see no reason not to finish this in foreseeable future”, Kalaba said.


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