Denis Stojnić: I want to win the Champion Belt

Denis Stojnić tapology.comDenis Stojnić, the best B&H MMA fighter, is preparing intensively for upcoming matches, and his colleagues and his manager confirm that he is in the best shape he has ever been. Difficult and demanding trainings yielded results, thus Stojnić had already lost seven kilograms.

Stojnić’s next opponent or the organization in which he will perform are not known yet, and his coach Martijn de Jong said that the B&H fighter might perform at the Final Fight Championship (FFC).

Stojnić should probably enter the ring with Dion Staring, champion of FFC federation, led by Zovko Orzat. As a reminder, Stojnić defeated Staring couple years ago, and they were also long-term sparring partners.

“I got a call from my coach last night, and we talked about that possible match. The coach talked to Mark Petrak, one of the organizers in FFC, and he offered a financial compensation for this match and an opportunity for me to fight for the title, and I accepted,” Stojnić said.

As a reminder, Orzat and Stojnić are not in overly good relationship, but it is clear that the FFC would gain on popularity if it gets another B&H fighter.

“A truly bad champion Dion Staring is on the throne of the FFC and, if this match is held, I promise I will knock him out and take the belt in FFC federation,” Denis Stojnić is convinced.

(Source: photo tapology)

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