Dino Merlin: Concert on Kosevo will be the biggest Gathering in the Europe

Dino MerlinA spectacle, if not bigger and better, than the same as those happened in 2000, 2004 and 2008, was announced for 25th July at the stadium Kosevo. After seven years, Dino Merlin will stand again in front of the Sarajevo audience at the biggest BH stadium.

Dino is the only artist to held the concert at the biggest BH stadium for the fourth time. As he announced earlier, the fourth concert will ne totally different than other concerts at Kosevo.

What are you preparing for the audience at the big concert in Sarajevo and how much does this concert mean to you?

For me, Kosevo is a great ceremony, my Piedmont, that is the biggest and the most exciting arena since my childhood days. I was born 100 meters from Kosevo and that is one totally unique and different feeling than other, not less precious and big, concerts. But where you were born, where your fist love is, where you are walking through the streets every day, a concert in the city you live and breathe in is a totally different emotional event from all other concerts“, said Dino Merlin.

Will you host some of your colleagues singers and are you preparing some other surprise for your audience?

“There is something very interesting in the first part of the question. What this concert means to me, means to my audience as well. If we check the calendar of the European events, this will be the biggest gathering in Europe. People are curious, but also proud, they want to be a part of it. Sarajevo will be the focal point, a destination to which is nice to come. When it comes to surprises, well there is always some surprise. It is stupid to reveal it now. Let’s say that I will have such a surprise that it will be difficult to call it surprise. What can I say for now is that it is a real small miracle. I am not living under a glass bell, I am living in this town which is not big, and people can see me every day in the most usual occasions, so it is a real miracle that so much people decided to come to my concert to watch me. That is a theme for sociologists“, concluded Dino Merlin.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: merak.ba)

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