Dita Employees received their first Salary

ditaAfter a long battle for the preservation of the company, the workers of Dita Tuzla were yesterday paid their first salary after 46 months.

“The workers were paid the lowest minimum wage, in the amount of 2.05 BAM per hour”, confirmed the member of the Board of Trustees of Dita Emina Busuladzic.

Busuladzic pointed out that, in addition to the good news that the workers have finally received a salary, the construction of the steam line, which had been plundered in the past period and which is necessary for the plant of powder detergents after which Dita was recognizable, has started.

Busuladzic stated that the workers gave up on a part of their meal allowances in order to purchase the pipes for the steam line, and the procurement is in progress.

Busuladzic also emphasized that Dita is soon to launch the production of 100 tons of powder detergents.

Dita has been in bankruptcy since recently, and on June 30th the Board of Trustees of this Tuzla company decided on continuing the production, which was launched by the workers themselves in order to show that this company can again be successful and recognizable in the region.


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