Do You know Story about Medieval Town Kuslat?

Kušlat is a medieval town founded in 13th century. This cultural-historical monument is located at where Jadar river flows into Drinjača  river, 15 kilometers south from Zvornik, on a vertical rock.

As a significant monument of material culture, it testifies about a bygone era when it, with its beauty, power and strength of walls, symbolized power and reputation of its masters. Travel writer Evlija Čelebija wrote:

“It is a round stone town on the bank of Jadar river, on a cliff that rises up to the sky… A man does not dare to look down at the valley, where the river roars like thunder.”

A granary, an armory, five cannons and a commander (dizidar) to 28 crew soldiers existed in Kušlat according to his statements. In the town there were 120 houses with gardens; a path leading to the town is carved in stone, two steps wide, and there are 500 stone steps and stone fence on both sides. Rocks on which the town is built is leaned and pointed like an egg.

Ivo Andrić wrote down: “What Bosnian are you if you have never heard of Kušlat. It is on that part of an old road that leads from Zvornik to central Bosnia, and is famous for the first mosque in Bosnia.”

The fort was abandoned just before 1833, Zvorniktourism reports.

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