Do you know why is Miljacka called – Miljacka?

MiljackaThe backbone of the capital of B&H, the river Miljacka, is 35.9 kilometers long.

If you didn’t know, Miljacka is a result of the unification of Paljanska Miljacka, which springs in Pale at 1010 meters above the sea level, and Mokranjska Miljacka, which springs in Kadino village at 1135 meters above the sea level.

It should be added that the cave from which Miljacka springs in Kadino village, which is located near Mokro, is the longest, the most beautiful and the least explored cave in B&H. These two Miljacka’s, Paljanska – 12.9 meters long and Mokranjska – 20.5 kilometers long, meet in the village Dovlici.

There are no notes that could precisely witness why Miljacka is called like that, but it is assumed that it called Miljacka from endearment.

Architect Mufid Garibija considers that there lies a secret of its name and reminded that a German traveler Heinrich Renner called its Lieblichen (a favorite one, Germ.)

Some urban areas are partially or not at all connected to the main sewerage network and through the city streams are releasing waste waters directly to the river. Although the city of Sarajevo collects waste waters through the sewerage system, they are coming to the river Bosna without prior purification. Unfortunately, a facility  for wastewater purification of the city of Sarajevo located in Butile is out of order, which means that river Bosna directly receives waste waters of the city of Sarajevo.

Miljacka, in the way it is, continues its route to the west, to Butile, where it finally flows into the river Bosna…

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