Doctor Aleksandar Babic is a Medical Phenomenon!

Aleksandar Babic from Trebinje is a medical phenomenon. He has a complete organ inversion. Every organ that is generally on the left side to other people, on Aleksandar, they are on the right side. For this reason, he has decided to be professionally dedicated to medicine, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Immediately after birth, it was found that he has situs inversus totalis, the full inversion of organs – an extremely rare occurrence in medicine, which is why this is a medical phenomenon.

Wanting to look for answers about why he was different, he began to be interested in medicine since his early childhood, and later, he became a successful doctor.

“Research in Japan, Russia … Inverting organs is considered a disorder in DNA that does not have an etiological explanation. Such a standpoint does not have a scientific basis, it is considered a phenomenon. There is no official explanation,” says this 46-year-old doctor, who is always available to patients.

With smile on his face, he points out that the full inversion of the organs, just like he has, have also famous football players Paul Breitner, David Beckham and actress Katarina O Hara. All of them, like Alexander, live a normal life.


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