The Legend of Yugo – Favorite and Worst Car Ever

yugoThe myth is that Golf 2 is the only recognized model in BiH, said the proud owners of the Yugo car, who never gave up of  their pets. Today, when the company from Kragujevac in Serbia went bankrupt, and Yugo is not coming down from the factory tape for a long time, the owners revealed what binds them with favorite and the worst car ever produced.

Yugo is the most famous Yugoslav car, and much more than that. Eight years after the last one came from the tape of “Zastava” from Kragujevac, this car still can be seen on roads of BiH and the region. Yugo is still an irreplaceable companion for Akif Grbo from Sarajevo.

“It works very well, because the first owner, after the purchase, fully protected it. To this day, those factory screws can be unscrew easily. It looks very well, the body and everything else. It was produced back in ’89, and for its age, it is excellently preserved. Others are already rotten, but this one is great,” revealed Grbo.

Yugo experienced its promotion in the US market in ‘80s as well. It was often called the “worst car of all times” by those users. However, people in Yugoslavia had different opinion, where some even wrote songs about Yugo, including the famous song of the band Zabranjeno Pusenje.

“Yugo certainly was a symbol. It was a symbol of what we had then, and now we do not have, and that is self-esteem. That was the time in which we dared to make a car, place it on the US market, and even managed to make one Bruce Willis to sit in it, or make one famous film 101 Dalmatians to start with it,” said Sejo Sexon, author of the song “Yugo 45”.

Bad reputation in foreign market, or time, never diminished the importance of Yugo in our region. Golf 2 could soon get a monument in Sarajevo, but will Yugo experience a similar fate?

“Yugo is quite important for this market, because since its production before the war, and at a time when it was exported to the United States, everyone had a perspective to buy it. I think it deserves attention,” said Grbo.

This is the third Yugo owned by Akif Grbo. He plans to sell it, and since he is in the third age, he is not planning to have other vehicles after it.

(Source: N1)

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