Document That is Issued in BiH Laboratory Will be Valid in Serbia

The Serbian Minister for Health Slavica Đukić Dejanović and the BiH Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs Mirko Šarović signed in Belgrade today a Protocol on international recognition and acceptance of documents issued by accredited laboratories.

In practice this means that, if reference laboratories in BiH issue documents for water, salt, supplements, enzymes or additives, it will be valid in Serbia, and vice versa.

“This will be the incentive that in these segments and exchanges between the two countries there will be an increase, and this will mean less of a burden on business people who deal with export and import of these foods’’, said Minister Dejanović.

She said this means that there is consideration on the idea that in the region there needs to be a high-quality reference laboratory for individual elements, maybe in BiH and for others maybe in Serbia.

Šarović said that a year and a half ago a similar document was signed with the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, which refers to foods of plant and animal origin.

“This protocol will be especially useful to business people and are they ones who will be the happiest with its signing”, said Šarović.

He recalled that Serbia exports bottled water and diet products to BiH annually worth over 65 million euros, and that this document will be important for the export of Tuzla salt.

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