Protocol on Cooperation between Ministries of Justice of BiH and Albania has been signed

BIH Minister of Justice Bariša Čolak and Minister of Justice of Albania Eduard Halimi signed today in Sarajevo a Protocol on Cooperation between BiH Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Justice of Albania which will enable the cooperation in the field of justice.

At a press conference, Čolak said that after the signing of a Protocol that he hopes that that document will enable the signing of other important agreements which will improve the cooperation of two ministries.

‘Dedication of both BiH and Albania is to fight all types of crime through cooperation’, said Čolak.

Halimi expressed his satisfaction with signing the Protocol, and noted that the citizens of both countries are in contact through various forms of cooperation. He added that the protocol will ease the cooperation between ministries and in the field of criminal law.

‘Our goal is to make lives of our citizens better, but also to take necessary measures to prevent set-backs in the relations of citizens of both countries. Criminals are somehow always faster than we are, they don’t have the need to sign protocols and they cooperate much more efficiently. But, the obligation of governments is to do everything in its power to be one step ahead of criminals, and to use efficient measures against criminals, to build bridges of cooperation and to disable crime’, said Halimi.

Halimi also said that one of the topics of the meeting was the manner of work of BiH and Albanian authorities in fighting corruption, especially in judiciary and public administration.

‘It is an activity that last a long time and it will never be finished. The important thing is the exchange of experiences between the two ministers. It is certain that this will pave the way for additional cooperation. This is the beginning of the process of signing of three more agreements; agreement of extradition, of civil and legal issues and other relevant issues’, concluded Halimi.

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