Domestic Brand Hose Komerc placed redesigned Packages of Bony Brand on the Market

Hose komerc Ltd. started with its activities of placing new redesigned packages of its famous brand Bony on the market. The complete sweet and snack program has been redesigned, which includes the packaging of about 50 different products.

“We started the facility for packaging as a new production unit in Hose Komerc back in 1999 and Bony was placed on the market in the same year as our coffee “Merka”. Brand Bony was created in a response to a very difficult situation of the domestic food industry due to imported products. Bony quickly gained trust of our customers. We started with several articles, and today, Bony is one of the best-positioned domestic lines of products. We successfully finalized the project of redesign and we are happy to be able to transfer our emotions warmth of the family environment to our new packages,” as announced from Hose komerc.

The new design of Bony further emphasizes the commitment to the concept of homemade, healthy and tasty diet, and it is nourishing the cooking tradition in this region. The project was realized by Kemal Becirevic and his Studio MRAK from Sarajevo. The design itself kept  distinguishing style of Bony, with some additional elements of domestic ethno motives.

The main focus of Hose komerc is retail and wholesale trade of food and non-food products, packing and coffee roasting, as well as distribution of products. Hose komerc currently employs a total of 216 workers, and the majority of them are employed in the retail sector.


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