Milan Todovic sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

In the criminal case against the accused Milan Todovic, on 4 December 2018 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a trial judgment finding the accused Milan Todovic guilty of the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172(1)g) as read with Article 53(1) and Article 180(1) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC BiH).

The accused Milan Todovic was found guilty that between 30 October 1992 and 5 March 1993, during a widespread and systematic attack launched by military, paramilitary and police forces of the so-called Serb Republic of BiH, subsequently Republika Srpska, aimed against the Bosniak civilian population of the Foca municipality, knowing of the attack and that his actions constituted part of the attack, he violated the rules of international humanitarian law, specifically common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, by forcing a Bosniak woman into sexual intercourse and sexual slavery.

The Court sentenced the accused Milan Todovic to 10 (ten) years of imprisonment.

Pursuant to Article 198(2) of CPC BiH, the Court partly granted the compensation claim, so the accused Milan Todovic is obligated to pay 13,100.00 BAM as non-pecuniary damage compensation.

Having delivered the judgement, the Court issued a decision extending the prohibitive measures imposed on Milan Todovic, specifically the ban on leaving the place of residence under Article 126(1) of the CPC BiH, and the travel ban under Article 126(2) of the CPC BiH.


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