Slobodan Zivanic pleads Guilty of aiding in the criminal Offense of Tax Evasion

The Accused Slobodan Živanić, born in 1971 in Banja Luka, who is charged with aiding in the criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud in violation of Article 210 of the Criminal Code of BiH, in the presence of a lawyer, fully pleaded guilty to the criminal offense he is charged with.

In accordance with the agreement, it was proposed that the accused be sentenced to a suspended two-year prison sentence, which will not be implemented if the accused does not commit a new criminal offense in the next three years, as well as by a fine of 15,000 BAM which is the amount of proceeds the accused obtained through commission of the criminal offense.

The proposed sentence corresponds to the role and responsibility of the accused in the commission of the criminal offence he is charged with.

He was accused of illegally recruiting people who would conclude notarial agreements and become authorised persons in the companies that would subsequently be used for VAT evasion carried out by other companies.

By signing the agreement, the accused waived his right to trial, as well as the right to appeal the judgment rendered by the Court of BiH pursuant to the agreement.

The agreement was forwarded to the Court of BiH.


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