Domestic Company “Igman Konjic” signed 7 Million US Dollars worth Contracts for Ammunition Export


The company “Igman” Konjic, which produces ammunition and weapons, has signed multi-million contracts with partners from the United States (5.5 million US Dollars) and Egypt (1.5 million US Dollars) at the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary, Fena news agency reported on Wednesday.

Managing Director of Igman, Djavid Muratbegovic, pointed out that the company markets almost all of its production to foreign markets to more than 50 countries.

Muratbegovic stated that ‘Igman’ is a company that achieves its short and long term business goals. Above all, its success is due to employees in all sectors – control, production and marketing.

“I am proud to be at the forefront of a collective that inherits multiculturalism and tolerance, a collective where a worker comes first, a collective that is organized, vital and strategically focused and marks 70 years of existence. I have great respect for the people who founded the factory, for the people who worked and are now working, and everyone who has run the company for the past seven decades,” said Muratbegovic.

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