National Company Vispak prepared Surprise for Ladies on March 8

BH company Vispak from Visoko organized special gathering on the occasion of the International Women’s Day in Sarajevo City Center (SCC) with the message “Vispak prepared gifts for ladies”. Professional chefs prepared deserts from their Laganini range and pancakes with their Stampi cream on this occasion.

“All the ladies and their companions enjoyed tasting the Vispak desserts prepared by professionals from the Association of BH Chefs, and our charming promoters offered them our famous “so easy” soups with the congratulatory notes on the occasion of this international holiday,” as announced from Vispak.

“Vispak decided to surprise all the ladies and their partners this year by preparing specialties from our production. We would like to offer them some beautiful memories on this day. We hired professional chefs from the Association of BH Chefs who prepared delicious desserts for all of them,” said Lejla Suman, a brand manager for coffee and sweet program in this company.



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