Drive-in Test Facility for Coronavirus Testing has opened in Sarajevo

A drive-in test facility opened yesterday in Sarajevo, almost a year after the proclamation of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to speed up the coronavirus testing process and relieve existing health care institutions.

In the parking lot near the bridge of Suada Dilberovic and Olga Sucic, in the settlement Marijin Dvor, everyone who has a referral from a primary health care doctor, primarily people with special needs, can be tested, Klix.ba writes.

Haris Vranic, the cantonal health minister, stated the drive-in meets all standards that require epidemiological sampling of Covid-19.

“Through the IT center of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Health Insurance Institute (HII), all those who will be tested will be notified through the Viber application or on their mobile phone. The test results will be issued as soon as possible. We expect the results within six and eight hours. Sometimes it can be a longer period, but never more than 24 hours, ” Vranic said.

He notes that, besides the positive people, their competent Covid clinics will be informed as well, so their treatment will be possible immediately.

“We, countries in the Western Balkans, remain an isolated island since the competent authorities have not taken adequate measures to procure vaccines and start collective immunization of the population. The government has decided that the HII will provide funds for the procurement of 100.000 vaccines,” he emphasized.

He states that the Institute has issued a public call to all wholesalers who have the right to import vaccines.

“Vaccines are considered as the medicine, which means they can be imported. It is necessary to get all the legal approvals to be able to import them. The process is very slow because the state is complex. We have contacted all vaccine manufacturers. We still do not have a permit to import them due to legal obstacles of the state and the entities, ” Minister Vranic said.

As he said, vaccines from the companies Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and the vaccine Sputnik V are expected.

“I know that AstraZeneca has made its offer. Legal regulations still do not allow it. It is up to us to continue working and find a way to get these vaccines. We will not give up, regardless of all legal obstacles,” Vranic said.

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