Duo ”Čaroban svijet” released a new song

A music duo from Tuzla ”Čaroban svijet”, or better said Azur Jahić and Vedrana Pejić released a new song entitled ” Za mene i u dobru i u zlu”.  Jahić and Pejić presented their music to the audience in 2010, when they released their first album called ”Ne volim te slučajno”. After the release of their first album their songs became famous because of their interesting texts, catchy melodies and the elements of funk that this due seems to nurture. The new single was recorded with the help of  the young singer Armin Malikić. The author of the text is Azur Jahić. The lead singer Vedrana Pejić is very excited about the release of the new album and single,  and is working hard with her colleague on  their new songs.

” Our new song is very jolly and definitely very uncharacteristic for our music industry and very different from anything we have opportunity to listen every day. We are currently working on other songs for the album. 90% of it is already finished and I hope that we will begin recording the album by next month.”- said Pejić.


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