The rehabilitation of Isa-beg hammam in Sarajevo

Reconstruction of the oldest public bath- the Isa-beg hammam in the vicinity of The Emperor’s Mosque in Sarajevo will start in spring, after the completion of field procedures, implemented by Turkey’s Waqf Directorate.

If all goes as planned, the works should be completed by the end of the year. FBiH Ministry of Physical Planning gave the green light for the reconstruction of the hammam, and works can now start as soon as the tender is completed.

”Previously, we’ve obtained  all the necessary permits, did the project, project review, statics and everything that was needed to get a permit for the reconstruction of the building, which was declared a cultural – historical monument”, said the manager of BiH Waqf Directorate Senaid Zajimović.

Project will rehabilitate the hammam in its original style, with authentic middle part, where there’s a Turkish bath and saunas, while the rooms for guest will be situated in the right and left part. Hammam will be a luxurious hotel in old-Ottoman style.

The rehabilitation of the public bath is financed by the Turkish Government via its Waqf Directorate with around 3 million BAM.

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