On which Place is B&H regarding the Gender Equality?

youthAccording to the index of gender equality in 2013, B&H is currently occupying the 36th place, which makes it part of the category of countries with relatively prominent gender equality.
According to the same analysis, B&H is on the 79th place when it comes to women’s participation in Parliament, with 19.3 %. Gender equality is one of the biggest issues in the world and many countries are now proudly announcing when they choose a woman on one of the key positions in the country.

One of these countries is Nepal, which choose the first woman president in the history. The newly elected president Bidhya Bhandari promised to fight for the rights of women and minorities. When it comes to the gender equality, Nepal occupied 91st place, according to data from 2013.

Even though a large number of countries with a high degree of democracy are often emphasizing the importance of women’s participation in government and other positions of leadership, gender equality data is not showing it. Thus, the countries that did not have a woman as country leaders are the United States, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and some other countries.
(Source: klix.ba)

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