Eight Hundred Volunteers cleaned the City of Zenica

The action organized by the informal group “Rivers of BiH – Be a change” gathered a large number of young and old men and women from Zenica who cleaned the city with a coordinated action, from Bistrica to Babin, from Cajdras to Janjic, from Blatusa to Bilmisce.

Cleaning riverbeds and banks, green areas, playgrounds, roadside areas, illegal dumps and many other locations was the task of more than 800 volunteers in local communities in the Zenica area.

The result of the action is more than 3,500 collected bags of garbage, which were later collected and disposed of by the utility workers, Klix.ba writes.

Volunteers gathered around the informal group Rijeka BiH – Be a change on the initiative of Safet Kubat, the main organizer and implementer of the project.

“Our Zenica looks beautiful, and the first thing I will do today is drive around the locations where we did the cleaning and for now ‘don’t want to wake up’ with the desire to stay like this, which is an even bigger challenge. The biggest thanks goes to all participants, because you are the most important and yesterday was your day. Many thanks to our patrons of the i-diaspora, who supported this historic activity, “Kubat said, adding:

“Be proud of what we did yesterday …. The greatest event of its kind in the recent history of the state.”

In nine areas of the city, the volunteers cleaned streets, parks, river banks and streams. After that, a significant part of them gathered at Smetovi, where the second phase of the cleaning action followed, as well as sports and recreational tournaments for all present, as well as a joint lunch.

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