Electronic Payment of Tickets in Trams and Trolleybuses of GRAS from the Next Year?

trams“The introduction of electronic ticketing in trams and trolleybuses of GRAS are expected in 2017,” as confirmed by the Ministry of Transportation of Canton Sarajevo.

They stated that the system that was introduced in the “Commercial Bus Lines” few months ago is already giving very good results, and that they are currently working on fixing the problems that they encounter during the implementation of the project, such as sale of the tickets, charging, the reliability of the device as well as the unique system of income distribution.

They emphasized that the effects of the introduction of electronic ticketing systems in vehicles of GRAS will be important when the system is introduced in all vehicles.

Also, the BUS Info (monitoring the vehicles in real time) is in the final stage, which represents an excellent basis for upgrade of the system of electronic ticketing.

Sales and charging of the electronic tickets are now mostly done at kiosks and from the driver in the bus, and the number of users who are charging their tickets through the Internet and applications that are available via mobile devices is increasing as well.

It is a modern collection system that is very easy to use, and it is enough that the passenger puts the card on the machine when entering the vehicle and the display will show how much money they have on the ticket and 1,60 BAM, which is the price of a ride, will be removed from it.

For the first purchase of cards for electronic payment of transportation, users should allocate 3.60 BAM, and this price includes the cost of making card and one ride. The card is permanent and can be purchased at newsstands of GRAS, Duhanpromet and from the driver.

Charging of the card can be made in newsstands of GRAS and Duhanpromet, and online at The amount of charges of the card depends on each user, but on the card cannot be less than 1.60 BAM, if they want to use transportation.



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