Embassies of Germany and France in BiH Marked the Anniversary of the “Treaty of Elysee” With an Official Reception

German-French relations is not a model that can be easily taken over, but it can be an inspiration for countries in the Western Balkans, because they are dealing with the consequences of war trauma, of establishing trust, looking to the future and building a common European future, said the Ambassador of Germany to BiH, Ulrike Knotz, in Sarajevo last night.

Ambassador Knotz announced that in Europe there does not exist two countries that have fought with one another so violently as Germany and France, but that on the ruins of war-torn Europe in 1945 it became clear that things cannot continue as they were.

“Our heroes De Gaulle and Adenauer conducted a historical paradigm of change. Enemies became friends”, said Knotz.

Ambassador Gilles said that to this day, the success of partnership between the two countries is measured by “the extent that Paris and Berlin are in the position to provide a common European action, without domination, simply due to the agreement between the two countries, which are essentially very different and can cover together a variety of positions”.

“BiH, together with other countries in the Western Balkans, has a perspective to be included in the EU”, said Gilles, and added that the path is not easy and that the EU and all its members support BiH in that direction, but that “key decisions can only be made by the country”.

He is convinced that political will for reconciliation and the courage to have a common vision for the future can represent a strong engine.

On 22. January 1963, the then President of France, Charles de Gaulle and the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signed an Agreement on German-French relations in Paris, known as the “Treaty of Elysee”.

With a friendly approach in recent years, this agreement is sealed by a German-French relationship that continues to this day, and which resulted in an understanding, political will and political vision.

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