EMMAUS ensured One Month Assistance to Soup Kitchen Stari Grad in Sarajevo

EMMAUSThe domestic non-governmental humanitarian organization MFS-EMMAUS has provided one month aid in groceries to Soup Kitchen Stari Grad in Sarajevo, in which is prepared a total of 1,200 meals on a daily basis for people in need.

“Aunt Zilha and her 1,200 users are someone who should not be forgotten and need our continued support. Our assistance to the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad is worth more than 14,000 BAM and consists of groceries that aunt Zilha requires on the monthly basis. Any positive action has a message, and with this action we wanted to say that “good always returns better”. This is what motivates us to work for all those who need help,” said Elmedin Skreb, the Project Manager in the humanitarian organization MFS-EMMAUS.

This humanitarian organization from Doboj Istok daily prepares over 2,000 meals for more than 700 regular users, from which 416 users are from the Reception Centre of EMMAUS “Duje”, up to 300 users in the Soup Kitchen in Doboj, 38 users in boarding accommodation for children of Srebrenica, children in the Day-care centers in Zvornik, etc.

“Besides its regular users, MFS-EMMAUS helps users in other kitchens throughout BiH as well. So far, the aid was also delivered to Soup Kitchens in Visoko and Gracanica. Donation to the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad is just a continuation of this way of aid to soup kitchens. Due to the constantly increasing number of users of the kitchen, we hope to be able to help even more, which will depend on donations of good people who support the activities and operation of MFS-EMMAUS,” said Skreb.

MFS-EMMAUS is local, non-governmental humanitarian organization that was established in 1999 with the aim of providing assistance to all vulnerable groups who need it, and they have offices in Doboj Istok, Sarajevo and Srebrenica. It is one of the largest humanitarian and non-governmental organizations not only in BiH but also abroad with 220 employees and 50 active volunteers. MFS – EMMAUS leads projects for sustainable return, helps victims of human trafficking and illegal migration, and prevention of child abuse through information and communication technologies.

(Source: nap.ba)

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