Employees of Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina collected over 39,000 BAM for Vulnerable Categories


Wishing to be socially responsible and show solidarity,  employees of the Central Bank of BH have voluntarily allocated a percentage of their income and collected 39.442, 36 BAM as a form of aid to the most vulnerable categories of citizens who suffer effects of COVID 19 pandemic.

This humanitarian action has been completed with the transfer of raised funds to the accounts of the Red Cross of BH Brčko District the Red Cross of Republika Srpska, Home for children without parental care Sarajevo, S.O.S. Children’s Village Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association “”, People’s Kitchen Stari Grad Sarajevo, Association “Heart for Children with Cancer”, Children’s Home “Egyptian Village”, Mostar and “Mother’s Village”, Međugorje.

“Aware of the gravity of the situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, in this way we have once again expressed our social responsibility and solidarity with our community. I sincerely hope that the donated funds will be helpful to all those who need it”, Governor Senad Softić stated.

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