Entrepreneur of the Year: Mirsad Purivatra received the Europa Cinemas Award

purivatraMirsad Purivatra, director of the Sarajevo Film Festival received the award “Entrepreneur of the Year” on Friday night in Prague, awarded by the international network Europa Cinemas. This institution is providing support to cinemas whose work is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of European films.

The award was given to Mirsad Purivatra in recognition for his contribution to the promotion of European film within the Sarajevo Film Festival, and as part of the repertoire of Meeting Point cinema, and Czech director Bohdan Sláma handed it over on Friday evening.

While receiving the award Purivatra stated that he is sharing this recognition with all of those who were working on successfully developing of the concept of the Sarajevo Film Festival in the past 20 years and work of Meeting Point cinema.

Europa Cinemas Network, which was founded in 1992, is currently gathering 977 cinemas in 596 European cities, and the Sarajevo Meeting Point cinema, which is also a home for the Sarajevo Film Festival, has been its member since 1998.


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