EU Delegation to BiH: Solve Issue of Personal Identification Number

The EU Delegation to BiH highlighted the necessity of resolving the issue of the identification number in BiH.

“After a session of the BiH Parliament, there were political announcements that calls on the RS National Assembly to adopt an entity law on a personal identification number. Such statements are counterproductive and threaten the existing system for ID numbers in the entire country. Also, it does not contribute to a rapid implementation of the BiH Constitutional Court decisions’’, announced the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Renzo Daviddi.

A draft amendment to the Law on Personal Identification Number was denied by the session of the BIH House of Representatives on 26 March.

This was the second proposal that was denied in the last two weeks, and which was created to enforce the implementation of the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court in order to ensure that it could fulfill the basic rights, meaning to obtain the personal ID number.

“We call on all sides to resolve the issue of the personal identification number as soon as possible and to begin again a constructive dialogue that would result in a new draft legislative amendment, which would immediately be adopted by the BIH Parliament. The EU Delegation to BIH and the EUSR is ready to lend all necessary support’’, says the EU Delegation to BiH.

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