EU gives 10 Million Euros worth Grants for Innovations in BiH

The European Union’s EU4Business project is launching Calls for Proposals aiming to support development of competitiveness and innovation in the export-oriented sectors, tourism, agriculture and entrepreneurship in BiH.

Overall, € 10 million of grant funds will be available for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to create jobs and drive economic growth. Direct beneficiaries are companies, farmers and entrepreneurs with special focus on youth, women and vulnerable groups.

Several Calls for Proposals. will be published sequentially in 2019. The conditions for participation will be presented once the Calls are published.

In addition to grants funds, the project will also provide support to capacity development of the relevant partner institutions and beneficiaries of the EU funded projects.

EU4Business project is worth € 16.1 million and is jointly funded by the European Union (€ 15 million) and the Federal Republic of Germany (€ 1.1 million). The project is jointly implemented by GIZ, UNDP and ILO, from April 2018 to March 2022.

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