What Milorad Dodik said to Putin during their Meeting in Belgrade?

During the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia, Chairman of BiH’s Presidency Milorad Dodik used the opportunity to meet with Putin.

During a brief meeting, Dodik and President of Republika Srpska entity complained that the government is formed in slowed manner blaming Bosniaks that they put the condition of membership to NATO alliance.

At the beginning of the meeting, Putin congratulated Dodik for being elected and expressed the desire for the implementation of certain projects.

“In BiH, something is always under condition. Bosniak condition the government formation by the acceptance of membership in NATO, which we firmly reject, so the application of electoral results will be postponed,” Dodik said.

He stressed that realization of joint projects in the field of energy is ongoing.

Dodik emphasized the importance of continued production in the oil refinery in Brod, as well as the participation of Russian companies in the reconstruction of two thermal power plants.

Cvijanovic said that there are many joint projects with Russia and it is important to maintain a good level of understanding and to expand the cooperation.

Milorad Dodik had earlier said that he is in Belgrade for a private visit, not as the chairman of the BiH Presidency, although in the back was a state flag of BiH.

In this way, Milorad Dodik continued to work and demonstrate opposition to the NATO path of our country, despite Bosnia’s strong NATO integration aspirations.

On January 9th, the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo sent a letter to members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina urging them to adopt the Annual National Program for BiH, which the NATO has made possible with its most recent decision in this regard.

In a letter to the Presidency, Pompeo acknowledges the NATO Integration Commission that has drafted the Annual National Plan and urges the authorities to forward it to Brussels as soon as possible.





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