EUFOR strengthens the Integrity of the BiH’s Armed Forces

On the 3- 4 September EUFOR’s Chief of Staff, Brigadier General László Szabó, attended a conference on the topic of “Taking measures on strengthening the professionalism, integrity and efforts on the fight against corruption in the MoD BiH and Armed Forces of BiH”.

The conference, which was organized by the Inspector General, Brigadier General Mirsad Ahmic, was held in the conference centre of Hotel City Garden Konjic and included over 50 delegates from the BiH MoD, AFBiH, other BiH institutions as well as EUFOR and NATO.

During his address Brigadier General Szabó spoke about the role EUFOR has to play in helping to strengthen the integrity of the AFBiH. He said “EUFOR plays an important role in BiH, we work closely with the AFBiH, focusing on supporting their work in the areas of: disposal of surplus ammunition, weapons and explosives and humanitarian de-mining, we also engage in collective training with them.”

The conference aimed to analyse current trends of corruption and integrity violation in the defense sector and discuss ways of countering them. Aware of the importance of this event, the delegates worked together to exchange ideas and share international best practise.



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