EuroBasket in Lithuania: B&H Cadets reached the Quarter-finals

Košarka: Hrvatska - BiH 74-62Playing well from the beginning of the match, the cadet basketball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated Croatia with the result 86:59, as part of the European Championship in Lithuania.

Yesterday night’s triumph helped them qualify for the quarter-finals of EuroBasket. It was clear which team was dominant from the offset, since our team showed a better game from the start. Shots were made one after another, while the defence was doing its job flawlessly. Croatia managed to score only 11 points, so the result at the end of the first part was 22:11 in favour of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is interesting that our team scored 22 points in the second and the third quarter as well, and an even more interesting fact is that the first and the third quarters ended with the identical score of 22:11. In the second period Croatia was somewhat better than in the first and the third, scoring 17 points.

The excellent defence of our team was also flawless in the third quarter, and power forwards were successful in making shots as well. We entered the final part of the match 27 points ahead.

Since the final score was resolved by then, our team was more relaxed during the last quarter, letting Croatia reduce the advantage at times to even to minus 23 points. By the end of the match we started playing a proactive game like we did in the beginning which resulted in the excellent triumph with the final result 86:59.

The MVP for B&H was Sani Čampara with 21 points, Musa added 17, Sikraš 12 and Janković 10 points. In the opposing team Darko Bajo stood out with the 16 shots.

EuroBasket in Lithuania:

B&H – Croatia   86:59


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