“EUROPLAKAT BH“ Celebrated 18th Birthday With “Moon“

Europlakat BH nap.baSomething unusual happened at the Sarajevo City Hall. Under the name “Moon”, respectable BH company EUROPLAKAT BH celebrated its 18th birthday. It entered the age of majority with its friends and business partners, who were ‘launched’ to the moon and experienced something extraterrestrial, writes BH news agency Patria.

MOON was the best and most exciting way to show that fashion, music, ballet, and acting can go side by side, and how experience and youth can create an event that can rarely be seen on BH public scene.

In order to show that B&H is home to many talented people who are very seldom given a chance to demonstrate what they know and can do, Europlakat BH supported the idea concept of young student of Marketing and Public Relations, Minea Gracić, who wanted to place under the mantle of the Moon all the hardworking creatives who develop their skills passing through many stages, just like the Moon passes through its phases. Promoting these types of art was also one of the goals.


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