Excellent News: BH Beekeeper Emir Memisevic in the Final!

emir memisevicEmir Memisevic and his project, thanks to you votes and support, travels to Nairobi to the finals of the Global Summit of Entrepreneurship.

Emir developed the project that has an idea to set a measurement stations at 100 locations in B&H, that send data about whether there is a source of nectar on given area.

The project will help all beekeepers, as in B&H, as well as in the world, who want to increase the productivity of their bee colonies. Based on the collected information, beekeepers will be able to settle their bee communities with the risk minimization. It is expected that beekeepers who will use Medobar service, will increase the productivity from 20 to 50%.

Thirty finalists will now, through the internet, pass through a training before the flight to Nairobi, Kenia, where they will participate at the Summit of global entrepreneurship in July. There, they will get a two-day training of the development of entrepreneurial skills, and will have an approach to global leaders in their fields.

After that, finalists will compete for winning places.

Emir, we wish you a safe journey and good luck.


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