Excise Duties to lead to Price Increases?

The application of the amended Law on Excise Duties will start on February 1. The fuel will be more expensive from that day. But, according to the announcements, the prices of food and numerous othrr services will be increased as well.

Ranko Sarajlic is a farmer from Gradiska. The more expensive fuel means a more expensive production, and there is no dilemma for him. The prices of fruits, vegetables, meat – will be definitely increased. Subsidies are small, and according to him, they would not help anyways.

Milk and dairy products will not be an exception either, said director of Milkos from Sarajevo.

“I can say that production costs of milk will increase for sure, as well as all the products,” said Adin Fakic, director of Milkos.

The increase in the price of bread and other bakery products is certain as well, according to the director of Krajina Klas.

“It can be 1, 2 or 3 % on an annual level. But not all of the products will be increased. The price of some of them will be increased by 5 %, some 10 %, and some of them not at all. But when we talk in general, it will be an annual increase of 2 to 3 %,” said Sasa Trivic, the director of Krajina Klas.

As expected, the increase in the price of fuel will be reflected on transportation.

“Neither Centrotrans nor any other public transporter will be able to deal with this additional cost on their own, and it is very likely that there will be an increase in the prices of bus tickets. We cannot talk about the percentages just yet,” said Aida Smajic from Centrotrans.

(Source: N1)


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