Exhibition of Sandra Đukić opened in Sarajevo

sandraThis year’s program Gender Trouble of the International Theatre Festival MESS started last night in the Art Gallery BiH with the opening of exhibition of Sandra Đukić from Sarajevo, reports Fena.

The exhibition will be opened until 16 June and Đukić will present her three works ‘I’m not afraid of fear’, ‘The anatomy of women’s feelings’ and ‘Suggestions’.

Works of Sandra Dukić, first artist in RS with direct feminist work tackles the issues of social and political changes of BiH women in 90ies in a new manner.

Đukić said that her art was inspired by her own experience noting that the exhibition will present the art she created since she was 27.

Video ‘I’m not afraid of fear’ talks about a life of a woman in the Safe House and with this exhibition the program ‘Gender Trouble’ tackles the issue of objectifying men and women through performance art and objectifying women through art.

‘Gender Trouble’ is a part of the project ‘Undiplomatic ART’ which deals with socially engaged art, said the coordinator art program of MESS Selma Spahić.

Spahić noted that art confronts social problems and added that she hopes this program will expand to other countries as well.

An interesting performance ‘Le Goût’ by Annie Vigier/ Franck Aperte (les gens d’Uterpan) will be held tomorrow.

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