Export of Arms from BiH amounts to 600 Million BAM

surplus ammunitionLast year, 228 licenses for the export of arms and military arms from BiH has been issued.

The total value of goods on the licenses issued amounts to 305,460,670.00 Euros, or 597,429,142.00 BAM. There are more products for which the license was requested in the last year,  and they are in the process of obtaining necessary approvals from relevant ministries.

The previously mentioned was confirmed for N1 Television from the Ministry of Economic Relations and Foreign Trade of BiH. The following are exporters in FBiH who have excelled in sales in 2016:

UNIS “GINEX” d.d. – Goražde, “IGMAN” d.d. – Konjic, “Pobjeda Technology Goražde” d.o.o. – Goražde, “PRETIS” d.d. – Sarajevo, BNT „Tvornica mašina i hidraulike“ d.d. – Novi Travnik, “BINAS” d.d. – Bugojno, and “MATRA GROUP” d.o.o. – Banja Luka.

Last year, four requests for licenses for the export of arms were rejected, namely the ones for military equipment and dual-use products. Two requests were rejected because the applicant did not provide complete documentation for the license. The other two requests were rejected because they have not received any prior approval from the relevant ministries.

Approvals from the Ministry of Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense are needed in order for the person to get the export licenses. Otherwise, the result is growing export of products of military industry in BiH. Compared to 2015, exports in 2016 (€ 241,755,103.00 – 472,831,883.00 BAM), increased by 25 percent.

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