Extraordinary Session of House of Peoples: Two Bills Adopted

house of peoples 2 ekapijaBill on the law of directing and distributing partial revenue generated by the operational activities of thermal power plants was adopted after a lengthy parliamentary discussion at the extraordinary session of the House of Peoples of the Federation BiH Parliament. This was earlier supported by the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament.


This law determines payers, the height and manner of paying and distributing partial revenue of thermal power plants and usage of space and infrastructure of installations and facilities for the production of electricity, disposal sites of slag, ash and similar waste generated from thermal power plants as well as the usage of landfills of coal.


Also, the House of Peoples of the Federation Parliament adopted the Bill on amendments to the Law on Tax Administration in urgent procedures.


This amendment to the Law on Taxation Administration of the Federation BiH secures necessary conditions for implementing the Law on Collection and Partial Debt Write-off for Sport Clubs which regulates the issue of collection public revenue from sport clubs which are debtors.



(Source: Fena/photo ekapija)

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