Fahrudin Radončić arrested at the Tollbooth

Fahrudin Radončić Arrested balkaninside.comAccording to unofficial information, leader of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) Fahrudin Radončić was arrested at the tollbooth while he was coming back to Sarajevo from Herzegovina, Al Jazeera reported.

Allegedly, Radončić was arrested on the highway A1 in Tarčin, where he was intercepted by the members of SIPA when he was coming back from Mostar.

As a reminder, Radončić was arrested within the action “Lutka 2” upon the order by the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H due to suspicion of obstructing justice.

Leader of SBB is suspected of trying to influence the former girlfriend of Ramiz Delalić Ćelo Azra Sarić, through his party colleagues Bakir Dautbašić and Bilsena Šahman, to change her statement on the trial of Naser Kelmendi.

If an indictment is issued for Fahrudin Radončić and the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H manages to prove him guilty during the trial proceedings, the leader of SBB will face a perennial sentence in prison – between one and ten years of imprisonment.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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