Famous Healing Waters in Sanski Most, worth of Visiting

One of the first tourist villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina was built in the upper Sanica between Kljuc and Sanski Most. In the summer months, the area around this ‘City of Flowers’ springs to life.

Hundreds of people sit around in Banja Ilidza, famous for its healing waters. It has a large picnic area, an outdoor swimming pool and a mud pool.

Also close to Sanski Most is the source of the Dabar River that swells from an enormous cave and the Bliha River that creates a beautiful waterfall by tumbling 72m. In the town itself the Hamza-begova Mosque, dated 1557, is worth a visit. It was built on the place where Sultan Mehmed Fatih first prayed after conquering the town in 1463.

Visitors can also see the Bliha Falls, called by locals Blihin Skok, a waterfall on the Bliha river located near Fajtovci, 14 kilometers west of Sanski Most. At this point, the water of the Bliha drops from 56 meters high cliff. It is designated a natural monument since 1965.

Buses from Sanski Most travel daily to Kljuc and Bihac. Local buses from nearby Prijedor operate several times per day.

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