famous Japanese Shakuhachi player Yosuke Irie to perform in Sarajevo

japanska-umjetnostIn the organization of the Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the concert by a famous Japanese shakuhachi player Yosuke Irie, will take place on Saturday, July 8th. The concert, starting at 18:00 o’clock, will be held at the premises of the BiH Army Hall (Zelenih beretki 2 Street, Sarajevo).

Yosuke Irie is a renowned Japanese shakuhachi player who has so far performed in many countries, promoting Japanese culture, as well as peace among the nations he visits through his music. Irie’s style is specific in the fact that he combines traditional and modern playing techniques, creating a unique sound, and communicating a specific message.

Shakuhachi is a Japanese traditional flute which was brought to Japan from China at the start of the Edo period (17th century AD).The instrument was sometimes used by Buddhist priests in meditation. It is conventionally made out of bamboo.

Nowadays, many contemporary Japanese traditional instrument players play their instruments in non-traditional ways such as for Jazz, Rock or Metal. These new styles of playing have started to attract many music fans, and the Japanese traditional instruments, such as shamisen, koto, or the shakuhachi flute, are gaining popularity all over the world.

The entrance to the concert is free of charge.


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