FB&H Government Approved the Program of Federal Department for Employment for 2014

Vlada_FederacijeThe government of FB&H gave approval on the Program of Federal Department of Employment for 2014, where activities are planned within the frame of its competences and financial capabilities to be implemented in accordance with the Law on mediation in employment and social security of unemployed people. These activities will be implemented in cooperation with local partners, within the international projects and will influence the mitigation of economic trends and will have an impact on the labor market.

In accordance with the Program of measures for social care of unemployed people who are in the process of bankruptcy, liquidation, reconstruction and privatization of companies and the Operational Program for realization of program measures, this position will increase by an additional 20 % of the total revenues on the basis of insurance contribution in cases of unemployment. 12.150.000 BAM are planned in this regard for 2014.

It is foreseen that the Fund for professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities will have 1.312.000 BAM in its disposal for the next year.

Federal Department plans employment measures for an active policy to include 10.000 unemployed people, and 28 million BAM are planned as co-finance for employers who offer to unemployed people their first working experience, and co-finance for Roma employment 896.000 BAM is planned.

720.000 BAM are planned for the program “Youth Entrepreneurship” for 2014 and for “Entrepreneurship 30+” ( starting of a small business for unemployed people older than 30 years old) 360.000 BAM is planned.

500.000 BAM are allocated for the training program for active job search.

350.000 BAM should be allocated to finance the program for ensuring the basis for starting and maintaining business during the first year of operation for entrepreneurs.

Two million BAM is foreseen for realization of the Program preparations for work (trainings, vocational trainings)

(Source: Fena)

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