FB&H Minister of Energy and Mining: Three Companies Will be Formed Within EP Holding

electricityFB&H Minister of Energy and Mining Erdal Trhulj held an annual press conference yesterday, where he referred to the reform of the electricity system that must be completed next year, writes

The most important task next year will be the restructuring of electricity companies, the separation of production from distribution and supply of electricity, since our market will be fully open from 2015.

‘’The idea is to keep EP holding with restructuring, but within that there will be three companies that would have to have clearly defined mutual relations-companies fro production, distribution and supply’’, explained Minister Trhulj.

He said that the Ministry in the last six months worked to resolve debt for gas to the Russian Federation in the amount of 104,8 million USD. An agreement was signed that will be found in the government today.

‘’According to this agreement, the debt of the FB&H will be around 51,5 percent, and the debt of the RS will be 48,5 percent. The agreed proposal will be that the settlement of debt to be done at the basis of clearing the debt that the Russian Federation ha towards B&H, which is around 125 million USD’’, added the Minister.


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