Federal Tax Administration: The Highest Salary in March amounted to over 181 Thousand BAM!


The highest-paid salary in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina this year was paid in Sarajevo in the field of banking for March, and it amounted to as much as 181,842.35 BAM in net amount, while in Republika Srpska the highest salary was 33,524 BAM, and it was earned in Banja Luka in areas of financial operations.

In addition to this highest paid salary, in the Federation of BiH, since the beginning of the year, more salaries have been paid, the amount of which amounts to tens of thousands of BAM, reports “Nezavisne Novine”.

The Federal Tax Administration points out that the second highest salary of 98,357.17 BAM was paid in the trade activity for April.

For February, a salary of 89,669.81 BAM was paid in the banking business. The fourth highest paid salary was in the trade activity for February in the amount of 85,493.36 BAM, while the fifth was 83,331.90 BAM in the industrial activity for February,is pointed out in the Federal Tax Administration.


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