Festival of coffee, chocolate and delicacies Tomorrow

chocolateFor the first time in Mostar the “Festival of coffee, chocolate and delicacies” will take place. Attractive events that tradition world capitals, and some cities in the region will take place in Mostar for the first two days of April.

The festival is scheduled to be held in February, but due to bad weather announcement, the organization is moved to April. Thus, along with traditionally wonderful weather, this spring in Mostar will be marked by coffee, chocolates and delicious.

Knowing how much our country is related to drinking coffee, the city of Mostar seems quite logical place to host one such event.

“In Mostar people pay special attention to coffee, they drink coffee and this is why I thought that we should add the festival to this ritual. This festival will be a specific because it is organized for the first time, and because it will offer some attractions or more engaging content for visitors,” said Dea Leko.

The fair will offer a range of attractions through presentation of individuals who, in their own way, deal with coffee, chocolate or delicacies.

On one place, producers of coffee and chocolates will jointly try to offer their best products. On the festival, all visitors will have a chance to try domestic delicacies, pralines, cookies, chocolate made figures, cupcakes, macarons and different kind of coffees.

Festival of coffee, chocolate and delicacies will take place on the 1st  and 2nd  April in the premises of the Croatian House of Herceg Stjepan Kosače on Rondo.

(Source: klix)

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