Mostar to get new Park and Northern Entrance that resemble the Old Bridge

Works on the new park in the North Camp will be completed by the end of this week, and passageway Zalik in its vicinity will be completed in the next 20 days as well.

” The first phase of arrangement of the northern entrance to the city of Mostar will be finalized with the completion of the park, or rather the completion of the first part of the park, and the passageway. With the second phase is planned the arrangement of the road and the second part of the park,” stated Salem Bubalo, the Director of the Institute for Spatial Planning of the City of Mostar.

Works on the construction of park in the North Camp were conducted by PE Komunalno and they lasted for almost two months. Funds for both phases of the park were provided by the City of Mostar, and they spent around 100,000 BAM so far. The value of the entire park is estimated at 250, 000 BAM.

Pasarela, which is located next to the park, has a dual role, the security and aesthetics. The value of that project amounts to 650,000 BAM, and it was created by engineers Mirza Sahovic and Adnan Balavac.

“Pasarela is 51 meters wide, and the arc itself is 32 wide and 13.8 meters high. The object has multiple functions, especially since it connects the village and elementary school. Our aim was to find a way for children from the settlement of Zalik to reach the other side of the street that has four lanes in a safe way,” stated Bubalo.

“The whole investment is very important, especially considering the fact that a number of residential settlements are planned on a plateau above the North Camp, and it also has aesthetic and symbolic importance due to its position on the northern entrance to Mostar. It will resemble the Arch of the Old Bridge,” said Bubalo.

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