Film by Goran Kapetanovic in the competition of the Oscar nomination

Film “Kiruna-Kigali” of a Bosnian director Goran Kapetanović, who lives and works in Sweden, is in the competition for the Oscar nomination for the best short feature film. The official list of nominations will be published on the 10th of January, 2013.

” I am very happy that my film is in the competition for the nomination, and that, of course, gives me the opportunity to work on new projects and maybe an opportunity to make a full-length feature film, which I will shoot in Sarajevo”- said the director Goran Kapetanović

Goran Kapetanović was born in Sarajevo, and as he said, Sarajevo had a great impact on his life, but it also shaped him as an artist. Goran explains further: “I am the only one from Bosnia and Herzegovina who graduated from the Film Academy in Stockholm. Up until now, I have received 19 awards for my work”.

His film, entitled “Kiruna-Kigali” follows the story of a young woman from Rwanda who is about to deliver her baby, but there are complications because of the position of the baby and her life is in danger. At the same time, a woman in Sweden is also expecting a child, and her water broke, so the delivery starts for both of them. These two stories intertwine and are connected even though they are taking place in different parts of the world.

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